Randstad's integrity code

  • 2006/03/09
Time period
  • January 2004  –  January 2005
  • In our company, if one is witness to an illegal act, has a

    complaint, or see someone misbehaving, they would normally

    report it to their supervisor. Sometimes however, this might

    be an impossible option because they fear retaliation, for example. Randstad would like to think that every activity is

    being conducted 100% properly, but in a company that puts

    254,400 people to work every day, this might not always

    be the case. For that reason, Randstad would like to be able

    to address it. This is why, alongside the code of conduct,

    Randstad has included a provision for reporting misconduct.

    Called the integrity code, it outlines steps one can take to

    report a concern. This means that someone acting in good

    faith can report misconduct without fear of retaliation.

    The misconduct can relate to violations of legal obligations,

    potential improper management practices, or lack of

    compliance with internal policies.

Principles covered
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