• 2006/10/02
Time period
  • January 2005  –  December 2005
  • Innovation, quality and environment

    Innovation and quality

    It is the aim of the Transfesa Group to create value for shareholders, clients, employees and suppliers by the adequate management of its services and resources. Thus in a process of on-going improvement, in 2005 the Company’s Quality Policy was updated. This Policy responds to the thinking underlying Transfesa’s Strategic Plan, seeking to create value via profi table and sustainable growth, committed to strict compliance with the current legislation and with other commitments this Company has entered into.

    With a successful history of more than sixty years; today the Group companies can incorporate major improvements into their global logistics transport and distribution chains. Likewise, the Group has developed a position of leadership placing it at the forefront of its sector. The most outstanding features which have taken the company to this privileged position can be summarised as follows:

    • › Enhanced performance and reliability of its activities, to ensure better service to its clients.

    • › Reduction of external environmental factors.

    • › On-going improvement to its facilities.

    • › Development of activities of an innovative and competitive nature making it possible to assimilate and establish future technologies.

    Transfesa’s management model has received a year-byyear backing by the Certifi cation of our Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, since 1997.

    The Environment

    2005 sees the completion of six years since the introduction in Transfesa of an Environmental Management System that encompasses all of the company’s activities. Over this time,

    the experience accumulated in environmental protection, in line with European trends and the best international practice, is a consolidated value in Transfesa’s daily operations.

    The establishment of an Environmental Code of Conduct has since then allowed the application by an Environment Policy in tune with the criteria fi xed in the European Environmental Programme “Toward Sustainable Development”. The necessary measures enabling Transfesa to comply with the most demanding objectives of European and national environmental policy are incorporated into it.

    Transfesa’s commitment at all times to respond to good ecological practice and carry on all its work procedures

    with maximum Safety and Respect for the Environment, preventing negative impacts to it, drives us to permanently enhance our Environmental Management System, rewarded with the excellent ratings obtained in annual monitoring Audits accrediting our ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, granted in May 2001 and renewed year after year.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Transfesa’s growth and its commitment to the development of the companies where it operates have enabled it to consolidate a sustainable business project, integrated into its environment.

    The company’s base is a management model which addresses society’s expectations, on the understanding that its very sustainability and on-going creation of value include improved labour conditions, management of know-how, innovation, quality, environmental protection and socioeconomic development.

    Transfesa thinks it necessary to incorporate these principles into its business strategy, at the service of environmental, social and economic objectives, which make up the facets of sustainability.

    Transfesa has thus joined a variety of national and international initiatives, notably its adhesion in 2002 to the Global Compact, promoted in the year 2000 by the United Nations, forming a part of it as founder member in Spain. The Global Compact foments voluntary entrepreneurial action in the fi eld of Corporate Social Responsibility, via the adoption of ten basic universal principles in the fi elds of Human Rights, Labour Regulations, and the Environment.

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