Sustainability Reporting 2004

  • 2005/11/03
Time period
  • January 2004  –  December 2004
  • Credit Suisse Group informs its stakeholders about sustainability issues and the implementation of the Global Compact principles through its Sustainability Reporting, which is an integral part of its Annual Reporting activities.

    The Group''s Sustainability Reporting contains information about its commitment towards key stakeholder groups (employees, clients, society) and demonstrates how the company assumes its responsibilities towards the environment.

    Credit Suisse Group''s Sustainability Reporting 2004 comprises several elements:
    A “Sustainability 2004” folder, providing an overview and updates on specific projects
    CSG Sustainability Reporting 2004: “Indicators and Key Figures”
    Annual Business Review: chapter on “CSG and Society”

    These sources are complemented by individual documents that provide more detailed information about specific issues (e.g. MIB AG Energy & Materials Report, Credit Suisse First Boston Social Responsibility Report). Previous reports are also available in an archive on the sustainability website.

    In addition, Credit Suisse Group provides information about specific sustainability issues on a case-by-case basis through various activities, including: speeches and presentations, articles for client magazines, active participation in working groups and direct contact with individual stakeholder groups. In 2005, Credit Suisse also published a survey on Microfinance to address the issue of poverty.

Principles covered
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