EADS' Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 2007/05/09
Time period
  • April 2006  –  April 2007
  • EADS was built around shared values of integrity and social and ethical responsibility. Although 2006 has not been an easy year for EADS, events within the Company having caused stakeholders to ask critical questions about the management and the organisational structure, the Group's strengths and achievements are not to be underestimated. EADS is determined to fulfilling its commitment to a sustainable and balanced relationship with stakeholders. Ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as ensuring development of employee and supplier relationships remains a foundation of EADS' success, operations and culture. The entire Group remains committed to the principles and values that are laid down in its Code of Ethics as well as to the Corporate Social Responsibility policies which were formalised in 2004.

    EADS continued to strengthen its CSR framework in 2006, introducing initiatives to build on and reinforce those of previous years. The Group is strongly committed to meetings its social and ethical responsibilities. This is more important than ever in challenging times.

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