Disclosure and Dissemination

  • 2002/07/01
Time period
  • January 2001  –  December 2001
  • Natura Cosmeticos S.A. published, in 2001, the first edition of its Annual Report of Corporate Responsibility. It became the first Brazilian company to adopt the model of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The report was distributed to the many audiences of interest to the company. The adoption of a report in accordance with the GRI model also implied the commitment to make public information on the social, economic and environmental indicators of the company, at a level of transparency unprecedented in Brazil.


    As presented on page 10 of this report, the proposals of the Global Compact, which Natura has formally joined, were used as a reference. These proposals aim to promote the implementation of nine principles in the areas of: human rights, environment and sustainable development. Also on page 28 of this same report, Natura reaffirms and states to the general public its commitment to the principles of the Global Compact.

    Accordingly, the option for the GRI model resulted in the publication of a report that is transparent and fulfills the key issues of the nine principles of the Global Compact such as, for example; non-discrimination (indicators 72 to 74, page 56), child labor (indicators 78 to 79, page 57), forced labor (indicators 80 to 81, page 57).

    In 2002, Natura will publish the second edition of its Annual Report, following the GRI model.

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