SEB - An Active Member of Society

  • 2006/06/30
Time period
  • January 2005  –  June 2006
  • SEB – an active member of society

    As a financial group SEB plays an important part in social development. One of the Bank’s most important tasks is to work as an intermediary between companies and/or private individuals with surplus capital and those who have borrowing needs.

    SEB endeavours to be a good corporate citizen in all of its operations. This includes being economically viable, environmentally responsible and a socially beneficial company, transparent and fully accountable for its performance.

    SEB’s approach to corporate social responsibility is firmly based on SEB’s fundamental common core values and SEB’s brand position. SEB’s corporate culture and way of working shall be characterised by:

    1. Commitment

    2. Continuity

    3. Mutual respect

    4. Professionalism

    SEB has signed the UN Global Compact and supports the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. The Bank has also signed Statement by banks on the Environment and Sustainable Development issued by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Business Charter for Sustainable Development issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

    SEB has during 2005 further strengthened its efforts regarding the CSR work and from the 1/1 2006 a special CSR-officer has been appointed to coordinate the CSR work both internally and externally. The CSR work is run through a CSR committee with members from both the business divisions and central staff units. The CSR officer is the chairman of this committee.

    The committee report twice a year to the Group Executive Committee.

    The CSR work has 6 prioritized areas :

    1. Ethics and sustainability/ Code of Business Conduct

    2. Our role as a lender

    3. Our role as a fund manager

    4. Our role as an employer

    5. Social Commitment

    6. Environment.

    SEB has during the spring for the first time participated in a UNEP FI meeting organised in

    cooperation with the Danish Bankers Association in Copenhagen and will on a regular basis take an more active role in the work being carried out according to UNEP FI.

    SEB has also since April a Group Communication Director with overall responsibility for the SEB Group communication plan. This includes Investor relations, Marketing and Communication and in this group the CSR issues will play an important part.

    Please don´t hesitate to call me if there is anything that I could make clearer regarding our CSR work.

    Best regards

    Anders Halvor

    Anders Halvor

    CSR Officer

    Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

    Telephone : +46 8 7638741, +46 31 621900

    Mobile : +46 705 621900

    E-mail :

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