Sustainability Report 2003

  • 2004/06/21
Time period
  • January 2003  –  December 2003
  • Skanska''s 2003 Sustainability Report provides stakeholders with information on the company''s implementation of the Global Compact principles.

    In the report''s CEO Statement, Stuart E. Graham states that "[t]hrough our support to the United Nations Global Compact, we also aim to move the agenda forward on corporate performance related to human rights, labour rights and the environment. We support the Global Compact also in the development of a tenth principle covering issues related to bribery and corruption."

    The report presents Skanska''s Economic, Social and Environmental performance and highlights the company''s Code of Conduct. The report highlights Skanska s economic performance (prosperity and responsibility and business ethics) on pages 8 and 9. The company''s social performance is evaluated in terms of relationship with society, employee relations and health and safety (see pages 10 to 15 of the report). Environmental performance (environmental management and operations) is addressed on pages 16 to 19 of the report. The Code of Conduct, which incorporates the Global Compact principles (see page 6 of the report), aims at strengthening performance related to employee relations, business ethics, human rights, the environment and relations with stakeholders.

    The report was prepared on the basis of Global Reporting Initiative''s (GRI) 2002 Sustainability Guidelines.

    Skanska also communicates with stakeholders through its sustainability website. The website provides information on the company''s policy and strategy (code of conduct, compliance guidelines, safety and strategy and environmental strategy). The website also describes the company''s efforts to fight corruption in the construction industry.


    In 2003, Skanska focused on its Code of Conduct, employee relations, health and safety, environmental protection as well as the international engagement. The outlook for 2004 is described in more details on page 20 of the Sustainability Report.

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