Economy and Sustainability in Colombia: Global Compact Local Network VIII Annual Congress

Bogotá, Colombia

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(Bogotá, 4 May 2018) — The Annual Congress of Global Compact Network Colombia has become one of the biggest corporate sustainability events in the country. On 3 – 4 May 2018, more than 650 representatives from business, Government, United Nations, academy and civil society came together in Bogotá, Colombia to share best practices and lessons learned regarding the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — analyzing the ways in which sustainable development impacts the country as well as the broader region’s economy.

The VIII Congress ratified the unique role that Global Compact Local Networks perform in support of the SDGs — from awareness-raising and driving momentum around the role of business in the 2030 Agenda; mobilizing and scaling-up business contribution to the SDGs, through the presentation of business leaders in the country and region’s economy; showing the participation in Public-Private Multistakeholder Policy Dialogue processes; fostering public-private multistakeholder partnerships to advance the SDGs; and participating in the mobilization of private capital resources to finance SDGs.

The Congress enjoyed the participation of relevant figures in the country and region’s agenda, such as Luis Fernando Mejía, Director of the National Planning Department (Government’s national entity in charge of implementing and measuring the 2030 Agenda). Luis Fernando Mejía emphasized the efforts implemented by the Government towards the achievement of the SDGs, saying, “Colombia has prioritized 16 tracer goals to focalize efforts and advance in an accelerated way in the SDGs achievement, through the CONPES 3918 Document approval.”

Achieving the SDGs by 2030 requires active involvement from the private sector through a principles-based approach. As Ms. Mónica de Greiff, President of the Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce, underlined during the opening of this Congress, “Accomplishing the SDGs requires the mobilization of funds from the public sector as well as from the private sector.”


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