Global Compact Releases New Publications Highlighting Need for Climate Action

New York, United States of America

( New York, 23 September 2009 ) –  In connection with the UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change, held yesterday at UN Headquarters in New York, the UN Global Compact Office released three new publications highlighting the urgency to take comprehensive climate action. 

Connecting the Dots: How Climate Change Transforms Market Risks and Opportunities.   
This report charts the intimate interaction of climate change with other key issues on the global agenda, and identifies the requirement this places on governments and international agencies to develop a new level of policy coherence. It warns business that both the success or failure of climate policy will transform the landscape of risk and opportunity for investment. The report further urges the faster and more imaginative development of partnerships between governments, international agencies, businesses and civil society organisations. Download

Champions of the Low-Carbon Economy: Why CEOs are Ready for a Global Climate Agreement. 
Forty chairmen and CEOs of corporations from around the globe were interviewed for this report. These chief executives indicate that climate inaction is too costly to their businesses and the world. They support a strong global climate agreement and are ready to lead the resulting world economy. Download

Chief Executives Taking a Stand for Climate Action. 
In support of Seal the Deal!, the UN’s global advocacy campaign for a fair, balanced and effective post-Kyoto climate agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 15), the Global Compact Office is reaching out to participants to galvanize the global business voice for climate action. Chief executives were asked to share brief testimonials, expressing why they support an effective climate agreement. This publication presents a selection of these testimonials. Download