New Human Rights Dilemma Workbooks Provide Interactive Learning Experience

New York, United States of America

(New York, 28 October 2009) – The Human Rights Dilemmas Forum is a web-based forum to address and discuss dilemmas confronting business in their efforts to respect and support human rights. The Forum is part of a project funded by the GE Foundation and implemented by Maplecroft for the UN Global Compact.

Recently, the Forum released two interactive Dilemma Workbooks on its website:

  • HIV/AIDS: When operating in countries with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and poor health care systems, how does a competitive business respect the right to privacy and ensure non-discrimination against employees when implementing an effective and responsible disease management programme?
  • Human Trafficking: How does a company ensure that they are not inadvertently assisting human trafficking and that there is no human trafficking in their supply chains without unduly compromising their services or ability to compete?

Initiated in December 2008 upon the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the project investigates human rights issues affecting business operations and supply chains in emerging markets, weak governance zones or countries with substantial human rights challenges. It aims to enhance business understanding of human rights issues within their sphere of influence and to promote good practice.

Forthcoming workbooks will cover themes such as: freedom of association and collective bargaining; migrant workers; equality and gender; child labour; and security forces and human rights. Companies interested in contributing good practice examples on these topics are encouraged to contact: