UN Global Compact Releases Good Practice Notes on Human Rights

New York, United States of America

(New York, 30 March 2010) – The Global Compact is pleased to announce the release of two good practice notes on human rights, recently adopted by the Global Compact's Human Rights Working Group. The first note is titled: How Business Can Encourage Governments to Fulfil their Human Rights Obligations and the second Setting up a Multi-Stakeholder Panel as a Tool for Effective Stakeholder Dialogue.

The development of good practice notes is an ongoing activity of the Human Rights Working Group, and includes support from Stanford Law School’s Pro Bono Colloquium on International Business Practices. Rather than highlighting specific practices of individual companies, good practice notes seek to identify general approaches that have been recognized by a number of companies and stakeholders as being good for business and good for human rights. Global Compact companies are encouraged to consult good practice notes and use them as resources.

To download the good practice notes and for more information about the Human Rights Working Group's good practice note workstream, including the good practice note concept and endorsement procedure click here.

If you would like to propose a topic for a good practice note or are interested in developing a good practice note for consideration by the Human Rights Working Group, please contact Prof. Chip Pitts of Stanford Law School (chip.pitts@att.net) and Lauren Gula of the Global Compact (gulal@un.org) for more information.


Ursula Wynhoven
Human Rights Issue Manager