Global Compact Invites Business Comment on Stock Exchange Proposal

New York, United States of America

(22 May 2014, New York) – Institutional investors have put forth a proposal to the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) – a trade association of 62 publicly regulated stock, futures and options exchanges – that would require extra-financial disclosure among companies listed on member exchanges. The UN Global Compact is gathering business input on the draft submission to share with the WFE's Sustainability Working Group. 

The WFE Sustainability Working Group is expected to consider company views alongside those of member exchanges in its deliberations, and to present its recommendations before the plenary at the WFE Annual Meeting in October 2014.

Publicly listed Global Compact business participants are invited to share their opinions on the draft submission by 27 June 2014.  Companies should consider including colleagues from relevant internal teams to make a comprehensive  evaluation (e.g., sustainability, investor relations, finance).  Click here to participate.

As the sole channel for listed companies to make their voices heard by the WFE, the Global Compact encourages business participants who have a stake in the WFE's decisions to avail themselves of this opportunity to influence the negotiations process.