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Global Compact Local Network was launched in Turkey by UNDP in partnership with Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TİSK) in 2002. The network initially focused on enhancing cooperation between the UN, Turkey and all relevant partners, primarily the private sector, in its first decade of activity until 2012. The network was re-launched in 2013 as a platform, in cooperation between TÜSİAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association) and TİSK, and was named Global Compact Network Turkey. The business-led Secretariat’s İstanbul office is hosted by TÜSİAD, and the Ankara office is hosted by TİSK.

Global Compact Network Turkey is the national platform for all participants of the UN Global Compact in Turkey. Since its establishment, any UN Global Compact participant from Turkey becomes part of the Local Network, regardless of whether or not they make a voluntary contribution.

Global Compact Network Turkey upholds the global spirit of engagement, learning, dialogue and facilitation of partnerships. Within this framework, the network defines its own agenda according to local conditions and national development priorities and undertakes activities that support these objectives.


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