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In February 2010, the General Assembly set up the Global Compact Network Belgium (GCNB) and oversaw the election of a Steering Committee with the support of the Belgian Federal Public Service, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Cooperation, which provides the Focal Point of the GCNB. Membership is open to all organizations (for profit and non-profit) that are registered and operate in Belgium. There are two types of membership: associated membership and formal membership.

The GCNB has a formal organizational structure. The network’s activities are coordinated by three distinct bodies within the GCNB: the Steering Committee, the Secretariat and the Honorary Board. Elected by the General Assembly of Formal Members, the Steering Committee manages the network, oversees its activities, and represents the GCNB to the UN Global Compact Office. Committee members have a two-year term and convene on a quarterly basis. The Secretariat supports the work of the Steering Committee, which establishes it. The Honorary Board is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills to the network; however, it does not have formal authority to govern the network. The primary responsibility of an Honorary Board member is to elevate the GCNB’s profile among potential supporter sand partners as their schedule and responsibilities allow.

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