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As an International Labour Organization (ILO) constituent, the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) is a business association and the sole employers’ organization in Uganda recognized by the government. It is committed to enhancing CSR and sustainability measures in Uganda. The FUE established the Global Compact Network Uganda in 2008, and in July 2010, the Local Network was officially launched in Kampala.

FUE’s motivation to establish a Local Network in Uganda was driven by an alignment in values with the Global Compact’s Ten Principles, particularly around labour. The FUE is also affiliated with the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), a UN Global Compact board member and valued stakeholder, and many other notable employer organizations host Local Networks in their countries.

FUE is committed to advancing the Uganda network, promoting the brand and acting as custodian and secretariat until the Local Network is able to stand alone with integrity as an independent entity.

Mission: To promote the implementation of CSR and sustainability measures while raising awareness of the Local Networks in Uganda and building public trust through an open, informal model that encourages participants to engage in meaningful collective action.

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