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Endesa, S.A.

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Communication and transference of our commitments to our contractors.

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Issues Addressed

  • Principle 1 - Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
  • Principle 2 - Make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses
  • Principle 3 - Businesses should uphold freedom of association & effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
  • Principle 4 - The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour
  • Principle 5 - The effective abolition of child labour
  • Principle 6 - Eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation
  • Principle 7 - Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • Principle 8 - Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Principle 9 - Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies
  • Principle 10 - Businesses should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

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Partnership Project

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Case Description

Under the protection of a global commitment, Endesa has communicated and transferred their responsibility and commitments of our joining to the Global Compact on our principle guidelines of value.
With the purpose of established a corporate policy of human right, labour norms, and environment protection in every field Endesa is present. Promoting an ethical behavior not only to our workers but also to our customers, suppliers and contractors.

These actions were carried out in two stages, the first one was the creation of an informative document, consisting in ten questions and answers about the Global Compact of The United Nations, which was sent, enclosed to a letter signed by the CEO of Endesa to customers and 26000 employees of the Company in all countries were Endesa is present.

The second stage was the selection of the suppliers, attending to their level of criticism and the rigor on the environmental management and sustainability development.
An informative document enclosed to a letter signed by the CEO of Endesa was also sent to the suppliers were Endesa announced their joining to the Global Compact and the commitment of fulfillment of the ten principles, encourage them to incorporate the fulfilment of those principles through a Corporate Responsibility Protocol and to join in the Global Compact too.

To encourage this initiative, the arrivals services of Endesa has developed in collaboration with seventeen Companies an audit protocol to suppliers that let us manage the situation of our suppliers and contractors all over the environment fields.
http://www.endesa.es/Portal/en/our_commitment/sustainability/sustainability_reports/default.htmThe result has been elaborated by a complementary questionnaire to evaluate the existing suppliers and the new ones.

The questionnaire has been created by a workshop consisting in a multidisciplinary group supported by the Communication, Environment, Human Resources and Arrival departments.

The questionnaire is based on the ten principles of the Global Compact, focused on the fulfilment of the labour norms, respect to the environment and the human rights. Several questionnaires have been elaborated attending to the activity of the suppliers and a specific evaluation system to each of them. Each questionnaire has hundred and thirty questions approached to know the intervention of the suppliers about the ten principles of the Global Compact. Verifications will be made by an accredited entity.

The presence of Endesa, joined to the Global Compact since 2002, implies the joining of the subsidiaries companies to the ten basic and universal principles that rules the Global Compact.

The OCI of Endesa has encouraged that all subsidiaries companies joint independently in the Compact.

In nowadays in the Global Compact of the United Nations are joint: Udesur (Argentina), Betania, Codensa and Emgesa (Colombia), Endesa Chile and Chilectra (Chile), Edegel, Eepsa and Etevensa (Peru).



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