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Bayer AG

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Partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme

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Issues Addressed

  • Principle 8 - Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility

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Internalization Project

Countries of Impact

Germany, India, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Case Description

As a partner to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in the Asia/Pacific region, Bayer supports a wide range of educational and environmental learning projects. The collaboration centers around activities associated with the annual World Environment Day and support for UNEP events, as well as a programme to improve environmental awareness. In this context, Bayer has supported the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Programme since the mid-1990s. The initiative started with projects in Thailand, and now India, Singapore and the Philippines are also participating. A key goal of the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy programme is to promote a greater understanding of the interaction between industrial production and environmental issues.The about 30 ?Envoys? in the programme are chosen by a demanding selection process that includes asking the applicants to outline their ideas for sustainable environmental protection. The slogan used to advertise the programme is ?Go Green and Get to go to Germany?, because the participants are invited to visit Bayer?s main sites in Germany and at the same time view the North Rhine-Westphalian Office of the Environment and tour the municipal waste management facilities in Leverkusen.

The trip gives the students an opportunity to witness at first-hand a broad range of environmental protection measures that have been standard practice at Bayer for many years. During their visit to Leverkusen, the students have the opportunity to discuss major environmental themes with the company?s experts and compare experiences with German students. Additional events held in the participants? home countries give program alumni the opportunity to report on what they saw and learned in Germany and thus to promote environmental awareness at home. The alumni also meet once a year in the ?Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Club.?Bayer has been the programme?s main sponsor since 1998, with support also coming from the authorities of the countries involved.The Bayer Environmental Envoy Programme has proven very popular with students. In 2002, Bayer received approximately 500 applications in the four countries, and since 1998 a total of 2,515 young people have applied to take part. During this period, 84 participants have travelled to Germany. The programme is open not just to science students, but also to school and college students from all disciplines. There have been steadily increasing numbers of applicants, and increased attendance at Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Club and contributions to discussions there.


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