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Endesa, S.A.

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Sustainability strategy implementation and leadership in CSR issues

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  • Principle 8 - Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility

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Partnership Project

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Top level Management has voluntarily adopted a Sustainability Strategy, fully recognizing that its social, economic and environmental performance as a whole will affect its own future as a company.

The annual environmental reports published in recent years were, in 2002, incorporated into our first Sustainability Report (for 2001), designed according to internationally accepted criteria (GRI guidelines - Global Reporting Initiative).

Permanent dialogue with our stakeholders is one of our priorities, shareholders and investors, clients, suppliers and contractors, workers and their representatives, administration, and social and environmental organizations, find formal channels in our company where they can communicate their specific infomation demands.

Endesa is a member of the AENOR Working Group (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) which is dedicated to developing a spanish standard on Corporate Ethics.

Endesa has achieved a high percentage of EMS (environmental management systems) implementation: In 2001, 80% of electricity generated by Endesa (in Spain) was produced in ISO 14001 certified power plants. We have extended the environmental quality criteria adopted by our european facilities to the other two continents in which we operate (Africa and Latin-America), actively working in EMS certification and environmental planning of participating companies. For instance, in 2002, more than 40% of electricity generated by Endesa in Latin-America facilities, was produced in ISO 14001 certified power plants and the target for the next year will go up to 80%.

In 2002 Endesa signed an agreement with ICEM (International Federation of Workers of Chemical Industries, Energy and Mines), in order to establish a formal dialogue with social agents at an international level.

In order to assure that the Sustainability Strategy is taken into account by the highest level of decision-makers, Endesa has created an internal Environment & Sustainable Development Committee, formed by top managers of the most important divisions of the Company.

The E&SD Committee tasks include analysis and approval of Endesa E&SD Policy and Planning, giving advice to the top level managers, and acting as a coordinator among the different company divisions.Top level management is well aware of the importance of Sustainability (intended as the balanceded action in economic, social and environmental issues) as a strategy for our future development and that of our stakeholders.

In 2002 Endesa was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World), with the best global score in the ?Utilities? sector.

In December 2002 Endesa has been awarded with the Expansión-Garrigues Enviromental Prize to the ?Most Brilliant Corporate Initiative?, a prestigious award at national level.



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