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Danfoss Group

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HIV/AIDS programme

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Partnership Project

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South Africa

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Due to the serious risks and effects that the HIV/Aids pandemic poses to our organisation, Danfoss South Africa (Reco), together with funding from the Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation, decided to embark on an HIV/Aids Awareness Campaign in July 2003, continuing over a 24 month period. The objectives of the Campaign was to educate employees on the following:

1. What is HIV/Aids?
2. How do you contact HIV/Aids?
3. How do you prevent contracting HIV/Aids?
4. How do you deal with or manage HIV/Aids?

A recognised healthcare consultant was appointed jointly with Reco's Human Resources Department to start with a 24 month company-wide HIV/Aids Awareness Campaign which commenced in September 2003.
Before commencing with the Campaign, employees were asked if they would participate in a confidential and anonyms HIV/Aids test. Results showed that more than 70% of employees were willing to undergo confidential testing. With this in mind our Campaign started in September 2003.
Country-wide presentations were held for all staff, which included our objectives, statistics, transmitting of the pandemic, symptoms, pre-testing, information on counselling centres, living with Aids, understanding what anti-retroviral medication is. Copies of the Labour Relations Act 1995 (Code of good practice on Key Aspects of HIV/Aids and Employment) as well as Reco's Aids Policy were handed to employees.

Condom dispensers, the HIV/Aids Charter (issued by the Government) and information brochures were placed in all restrooms in all the branches. The condom dispensers are filled up on a regular basis and all posters will be updated during the 24-month period in order to update staff on the development of HIV/Aids.It's still to early to say anything about the success off the programme but everybody is aware of it.


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