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Gender sensitive management in Pakistan

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  • Principle 6 - Eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

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Partnership Project

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Addressing the Global Compact’s principle 6 – elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation – BASF in Pakistan has implemented key measures to provide females equal job opportunities compared to their male colleagues as well as a good working atmosphere. This was done in full correspondence to BASF's position on discrimination as stated in our Corporate Values and Principles (2000 – link): “We do not tolerate discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion or any other personal characteristics.“
Pakistan, where women comprise more than half of the total population, is still regarded as a country, where women continue to face hindrances at various levels and to lag behind in progress and empowerment.
At BASF Pakistan (Private) Limited 10 per cent of the staff is female. All of them occupy managerial positions and thus are represented in senior management and involved in decision-making processes. They are heading important departments such as Central Planning and Purchasing, Human Resources and Public Relations among others successfully, because BASF Pakistan promotes an equal opportunity working environment through different measures. This allows women as well as men to perform their functions with complete authority and freedom.

Actions taken by BASF:
- Equal opportunities concerning recruitment, future promotions, training facilities and wages
- Existence of a confidential counsel at the Human Resources Department, headed by a female, in case of sensitive employee issues
- Provision of a special benefit to female staff for safety reasons: transportation from and to their homes
- Regardful relationship with the workers union (Collective Bargaining Agent), e.g. participation in important company meetingsIn December 2003, BASF Pakistan has received the coveted “Recognition Award for Gender Sensitive Management” presented by Workers Employers Bilateral Council of Pakistan (WEBCOP) in cooperation with Alliance Against Sexual Harassment (AASHA). AASHA is a network that aims at raising awareness on the issue of gender discrimination and to assist government and the private sector to create a society free of sexual harassment. The award encourages and recognizes companies that take action to provide a better working environment.
BASF is one of ten multinational companies that have received this prize that has been presented for the first time. Shahana Kaukab (Human Resources Manager, BASF Pakistan) at the ceremony: “The work environment at BASF Pakistan has always been very conducive to talent and performance. Gender biases and discrimination never existed within our precincts in any matter.”



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