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Endesa, S.A.

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Progress in the implementation of Environmental Management Systems pursuant to ISO 14001 International Standard

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  • Principle 7 - Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges

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Partnership Project

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Our Environmental Strategy has always pursued an environmental behaviour above expectations and law requisites, as we understand that this should be the basis of our compromise with the environment and the society.

The progressive implementation by Endesa of Environmental Management Systems based on ISO 14001 International Standard, started in 1998 not only in Spain but also in the other countries where Endesa operates in Europe and Latin America. These systems are implemented in all the areas of the organization: Power Generation Units, Distribution activities, headquarters, etc.

Therefore, Endesa is one of the companies that lead the way in the implementation and certification of these Systems. In fact, this is one of our most important strategic objectives, as we state in our 2003-2007 Environment and Sustainable Development Strategic Plan. One of the goals of this Plan is to obtain the certification of all Endesa during it’s period.During 2003, fourteen Power Plants have obtained the Environmental Certification pursuant to ISO 14001, being 3 of them one of the first Combined Cycle Power Plants that have obtained this kind of certification.

Due to the effort made during the last years, Endesa has gone up from having an 80% of it’s thermoelectric generation certified in 2001 in Spain, to an 87% in 2003. In Italy, where the 43% of the installed generation capacity was certified in 2002, we have reached the 46%.

In Latin America, where only a 26% of the installed generation capacity was certified in 2001, we have managed to certified five new Power Plants in 2002 and ten new Power Plants in 2003, thereby obtaining the certification, in 2003, of the 65% of Endesa’s installed generation capacity in Latin America.

It should be noted that all Endesa’s facilities in Argentina (Power Plants and Distribution facilities) are certified.

In what concerns to Endesa’s Distribution of electricity, Edesur (Argentina), that serves electricity to more than 2.1 million clients, obtained the certification of it’s Environmental Management System (EMS) in 2001. In addition, Codensa (Colombia), with more than 2 million clients, has obtained it’s certification during 2003. Therefore, in only two years, the number of clients that obtain electricity from certified companies pursuant ISO 14001 has doubled. Moreover, Chilectra (Chile) and Edelnor (Peru), that together serve electricity to more than one million clients, have already started the implementation of their EMS, expecting to obtain their certification during 2004.


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