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Gas Natural Fenosa

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Development of Gasification Strategies in Low Income Communities in the Buenos Aires Province. The experience in Cuartel V.

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  • Principle 1 - Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights

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Internalization Project

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The project consists of the extending the domestic gas network to five low income neighbourhoods in the Cuartel V district of Buenos Aires Province. The gasification will be implemented by means of a concession called “Fideicomiso Redes Solidarias” (FRS), administered by the Fundación Pro Vivienda Social (Social Housing Foundation), an entity whose work involves improving homes and the infrastructure of the district.

The Group’s proposal is to promote the access to public services of the groups in most need and to contribute, in this way, to reducing poverty. Thus, the company managers have committed to a new model of social management, in which neighbours, local groups, non-profit organisations and companies join forces to improve the conditions of the communities.




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