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Banco do Brasil S.A.

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Banco do Brasil Regional Development Strategy

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  • Principle 1 - Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
  • Principle 7 - Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • Principle 8 - Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Principle 9 - Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

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Internalization and Partnership Project

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Case Description

Case Story Description

The Banco do Brasil Regional Development Strategy - DRS - is born of the
discussion that the effective contribution for the sustainable development
of the country of a financial institution of the size and relevance of
Banco do Brasil would have to be based on the creation of a strategy of
democratization of access to credit, forming the basis of a sustainable
development and including the excluded millions of the Brazilian people.

DRS, then, is a business strategy that seeks the generation of work and
income, with sustainable solutions, inclusive and imparted, by adopting
practices that allow a leap of quality of social-economic and environmental
development index. It is settled on a methodological “quadripé”:it has to
be economically viable business, socially just, and environmentally
correct, respecting the cultural diversity.

DRS breaks away from some old concepts: no longer finances somebody purely
because it is capable of producing and paying, but as it inserts itself in
a productive chain duly organized, capable of generating sustainable
development in the region. Moreover, the idea that the credit must have an
unisonous direction in all the regions of a country as diverse as Brazil,
is corrected. In truth a thought out strategy starting from the Chuí,
extreme south of our Country, will never serve for Oiapoque in the extreme

BB operates with DRS supporting and evaluating, productive activities,
agricultural and urban activities, identified as vocations or
potentialities of the region. The methodology of this performance foresees
sensitization, mobilization, qualification of BB’s employees, partners and
participants and the elaboration of an ample and engaged diagnosis where
they broach the diverse stages of the productive activity, strengths and
weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified, taking everything
into consideration from the production factors up to the commercialization,
with a value chain vision. This diagnosis serves of basis for the DRS
Business Plan where objectives, goals and actions to the implementation are
defined. The methodology also foresees the monitoring and evaluation of the
actions envisaged in the DRS Business Plan and the evaluation of the

The Bank’s basis of operation, however, happens by the "concertação", i.e.
the orchestration, delivery and mobilization of diverse
social-political-economic partners who can be from the governmental area
(municipal, state or federal), of the private initiative or the civil
society, with or without lucrative ends. It is about, a shared, harmonious,
united action of several partners who intervene on the value chain. Thus,
the Bank goes beyond its duty as financial institution, catalyzing deeds,
encouraging, articulating and mobilizing the agents, identifying
potentialities of the diverse regions and stimulating the spirit of
leadership of its managers and employees. A great transforming force is
added with the organization and engagement of all associates with a common
objective, aiming at the implementation, observation and evaluation of the
planned actions. Without a doubt this concentrated action favors the best
development of the planned actions.

Beyond many and different local partnerships, the ones which stand out are
the ones which exceed these limits for being entities of national or
regional performance, as the Brazilian Service of Support to the Micro and
Small Companies, the Inter-American Institute of Cooperation for
Agriculture, the Social Development, Environmental and Agrarian Development
Ministries, the Brazilian Company of Farming Research, Brazilian
Development Bank, PETROBRAS and others, as well as the strong performance
of Fundação Banco do Brasil. Each entity within its particularity has been
contributing to this sustainable development.

In terms of results, the numbers are already expressive. Since the launch
of the DRS, in 2003, until today, we have more than have 2.8 thousand
business plans in implementation, 725 thousand involved families in more
than 4 thousand Brazilian cities and approximately US$ 1.6 billion of
credits under obligation. More than 100 different productive activities
have been identified and are being worked on.



Banco do Brasil
Banco do Brasil

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