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Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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Efforts Toward a World-Class Environmentally Conscious Company

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  • Principle 7 - Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • Principle 8 - Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Principle 9 - Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

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Partnership Project

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Fuji Xerox puts the interests of customers and the quality of our offerings at the top of our priorities, and has contributed to the improvement of intellectual productivity in the office through advanced marking and computer technologies. The Fuji Xerox Group's sales and service areas cover Japan, the Asia Pacific regions, and China. We endorse an 'excellent company' concept, in which, economic, social and humanistic values are upheld. The 'excellent company' concept is positioned at the core of our managerial concepts.

In keeping with our Mission Statement and Shared Values, we revised Fuji Xerox Group Ecology and Safety Vision and Ecology and Safety Basic Policy in 1999. Our Vision is to strive to be world-class by contributing to the environmental conservation efforts of individuals and society.

Some examples of our environmental activities are:

Green Products: We offer Green products that are designed to use lower resources in their manufacturing, reduce environmental impact, and to promote a high level of resource recycling.

ISO 14001: The Fuji Xerox Group has developed our Environmental Management System through ISO 14001 acquisition. As of October 2002, all facilities in Japan, as well as all manufacturing facilities overseas, are ISO 14001 certified.

Product Recycling: We promoted the collection and reuse of products shipped to the market, as well as the elimination of parts that cannot be recycled.

Waste Control: Our three main manufacturing sites in Japan have made efforts to reduce waste and reuse it as a valuable resource. These sites achieved zero emission in 1999.The following are the principal outcomes during the FY 2001:

Environmental Action Plan: To respond to the problems such as 'global warming', the 'depletion of resources' and 'chemical substances', we developed the Environmental Action Plan by which we put forward concrete courses of action to be taken, and targets to be achieved.

Green Products:

1. We introduced 'Emulsion Aggregation' toner into the market. The new production method has reduced the energy used during production by 35% and reduced the toner used when copying by 35%, thereby contributing to decreased environmental impact.

2. High-speed Digital Multifunction Machines, the DocuCentre 707/607/507 Series, was awarded the Energy Conservation Center Chairman's Prize. This is the first time that a single company has won the award three consecutive years.

ISO 14001: In FY 2001, we were certified at 28 sites in Japan, and 2 manufacturing sites overseas. In this context, we developed a self-training system on Web to enhance the environmental literacy of employees. So far, 17,000 employees completed their training.

Product Recycling: The ratio of reused parts in machines increased from 50% in FY 2000 to 54% in FY 2001, expanding the use of recycled parts even further.

Social Contribution in the Area of Environment: We supported the 'Kids ISO 14000s', a program sponsored by the ArTech (an NGO in Japan) through educational activities and the making of workbooks and teaching materials, thereby contributing to the education of the children who will become leaders in the next generation.



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