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Sodexo STOP Hunger Program

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  • Principle 1 - Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
  • Principle 3 - Businesses should uphold freedom of association & effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining

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Partnership Project

Countries of Impact

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America

Case Description

More than 840 million people around the world are malnourished. As a leading food service provider in 80 countries and as part of our sustainability commitment to support local communities, Sodexo is dedicated to being a driving and creative force that contributes to a world that is free of hunger and malnutrition. To pursue this commitment, Sodexo has decided to extend its STOP HUNGER program to all major host countries. The fight agains hunger and malnutrition and the STOP Hunger program is part of our new sustainability roadmap, the Better Tomorrow Plan, launched in 2009.




dolores larroque


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