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AB Volvo Group

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Carbon dioxide neutral transports

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Issues Addressed

  • Principle 7 - Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges

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Internalization Project

Countries of Impact

United States of America

Case Description

We believe that it is possible to operate heavy duty vehicles without emitting any environmentally harmful carbon dioxide. Making CO2-neutral transport a reality requires the active participation of politicians, government agencies, and fuel producers. We need international decisions from politicians and government agencies on at least the EU level to provide uniform fuel standards and long-term, stable regulations. From the fuel producers, we need answers as to when production and distribution can begin.
With the purpose to start a debate about or part of the climate issue, speed up the dialogue and to encourage a joint evaluation among the different alternatives of the future, Volvo Group has given seminars.




Malin Ripa
AB Volvo

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