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Deutsche Telekom AG

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Global Telecommunication Initiative

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  • Principle 1 - Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights

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Partnership Project

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Deutsche Telekom's current activities relating to the Global Compact are primarily focused on the creation of the Global Telecommunication Initiative (GTI) together with multinationals of the information and communication technology industry (ICT). Coming from local markets and moving more and more into the globalization of the ICT industry, Deutsche Telekom has chosen the UNEP's Global e-Sustainable Initiative (GeSI) as the relevant forum to bring the most beneficial contribution to the dissemination of the principles of the Global Compact.Therefore, Deutsche Telekom started in early 2000 to play an active role in supporting the GeSI. The company's view and intention is that only the involvement of less-industrialized countries into the global market with respect to its regional social and cultural aspects will minimize the digital divide and as a result of this the creation of independent new markets, which is an important prerequisite for poverty reduction.To reach these goals, Deutsche Telekom has also started to identify possibilities for its contribution such as raising awareness for the principles of the GeSI and activities for reduction of digital divide.The GeSI was officially launched on June 5th 2001 in Torino, Italy, on the occasion of World Environmental Day.


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