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Banco Bradesco S.A.

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Promoting inclusion of the population

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  • Financial Markets
  • Business for Development

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Internalization Project

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Brazil is the fifth most populous country in the world, with over 190 million inhabitants, according to IBGE 2010 Census (IBGE -Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics). Approximately 134.2 million of these are prospective bank account owners; however, 39.5 % of Brazilians – the equivalent to 53 million people – have not yet owned a bank account, in accordance with study by IPEA (Institute for Applied Economic).

From its foundation in 1943, Bradesco’s operations are grounded on its commitment to the country’s development, and for that reason, sustainability is not new to the Bank. Issues such as community development and social inclusion have always been part of the Organization’s day-to-day business.

In order to emphasize our strategic positioning, in 2007, Bradesco conceived the Banco do Planeta (Bank of the Planet), a concept by which all our socioenvironment actions are set under three key principles: sustainable finance, responsible governance, and socio-environmental investments.

In January 2010, Bradesco took a new important step, and reformulated its vision and mission to reflect more explicitly its pursuit of sustainability.

Thus, promoting inclusion of the population through access to bank products and services universally and democratically continues to be one of our major sources of inspiration for Bradesco’s practices, on our day-to-day business.




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