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Endesa, S.A.

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Sustainability Report 2004

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  • Annual/Sustainability Report, GRI

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Partnership Project

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This Sustainability Report contains information on the initiatives undertaken by ENDESA and its
investees in the course of 2004. These investees operate mainly in Spain, Portugal, Latin
America, and the south of Europe.
The information presented herein is structured on the basis that sustainable development
initiatives fall into one of three categories – economic, social and environmental. The Report
includes comparative tables showing ENDESA’s sustainable initiatives in 2003 and 2004 and the
development of initiatives targeting the different stakeholder groups: shareholders, customers,
employees, suppliers, and society in general.
The economic, social and environmental initiatives and indicators discussed in this Report reflect
ENDESA’s drive to fulfill the Seven Commitments for Sustainable Development that the Company
approved in 2003 and which underpin its day-to-day work.
As in previous years, and with a view to ensuring the homogeneity of the information presented
herein, the Report was drawn up according to the guidelines set out in the Global Reporting
Initiative (GRI). Accordingly, the Report provides a balanced and fair view of the Company’s
economic, social and environmental performance, thereby allowing for appropriate comparisons
with previous year’s reports. The Report covers a wide range of information areas, which have
increased in number relative to previous years, and includes a table of contents designed to
facilitate reference to the various sustainability indicators discussed within.ENDESA’s activities in the various areas that its sustainable development initiatives encompass all
focus on the Seven Commitments for Sustainable Development assumed by the Company in 2004.
The main advances made in respect of these Seven Commitments in the course of last year were
as follows:
Our customers. Commitment to service quality
• Improvements in customer service and communication channels within the framework of the
Quality Excellence Plan for Customer Service. Creation of a new personalized customer service
hotline for customers in the Corporate segment and launch of new on-line office.
• Improvement in indicators used to measure continuity of supply within the framework of the
Quality Business Plan for the distribution business.
Our shareholders. Commitment to the creation of value
• New investor information services introduced. Specific presentations for and profitability
socially responsible investors.
• Improvements in main sustainability ratings.
• Earnings per share of Euro 1.30 and dividend per share of Euro 0.7382.
Our people. Commitment to the health, safety
• Excellence in accident prevention.
and personal and professional development • Second Climate Study, in which all ENDESA employees throughout the world took part.
of persons working at ENDESA • ENDESA Italia participated in the study for the first time.
• Euro 15 million increase in investment in the training of ENDESA personnel.
• Introduction of new professional development programs for employees. International mobility.
Our conduct. Commitment to good governance and ethical conduct
• The Company achieved considerable recognition for its achievements in the area of
transparency and good governance, in both Europe and Latin America.
The environment. Commitment to environmental protection
• Increased investment in renewable energies.
• ENDESA became the first Spanish company to submit a Clean Development Mechanism project
to the Spanish Office for Climate Change.
• Participation in a project that will allow for a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to the
electricity consumption of more than five million households in one year.
• Rollout of environmental management systems (EMS) extended to new facilities and offices.
Innovation. Commitment to efficiency
• Design of the basis for the Company’s Technology and Innovation Plan, which has efficiency as
one of its key goals.
• Launch of Energy Advisory services, which include energy efficiency studies.
• Audits of compensation of reactive energy and installation of capacitor banks and low- to
medium-voltage switching systems.
Community. Commitment to the development of the communities
• Euro 24 million investment in social responsibility initiatives benefiting the countries and
in which we operate territories in which the Company operates.
• Euro 60 million allocated to reindustrialization programs and commitments to Spanish mining
• ENDESA subsidiary Coelce (Brazil) awarded prize for most socially responsible company.
• ENDESA investees in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Peru joined the United Nation
Global Pact.
• Transfer of corporate social responsibility protocol to suppliers and contractors.
• ENDESA awarded prize in the IV European Business Awards for the Environment, in the
international cooperation category, for its project for the sustainable development and
preservation of the world's last remaining temperate rainforests, which is being implemented
by the Company’s Huinay Foundation in Chile.



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