Session 1: Taking a Principles-based Approach to the Global Goals

The first-ever UN Global Compact Academy session featured a conversation between Lise Kingo & Professor John Ruggie on the role your company can play in achieving the Global Goals, and how a principles-based approach that puts respect for human rights at the centre of business action is the best way to make it happen.

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What did we learn?

  • For business to make its greatest contribution to sustainable development, it must adopt a principles-based approach
  • While market opportunities can be an important driver of prioritization, a company should always uphold its essential obligations to the Ten Principles from start to finish: when creating your strategy, when delivering it and afterwards as you take stock of your impacts
  • Adopting a principles-based approach also helps highlight connections between the Global Goals and uncovers strategic opportunities to magnify and multiply your company’s positive impacts

Apply your learnings

To help you share and apply your learnings from this session throughout your company, we are pleased to provide you with a selection of key resources:

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Share your Story

To help facilitate further learning from peer practices, we want to hear from you on how your company is taking a principles based approach to the Global Goals. Please email us at

  • What does a principles-based approach to the Global Goals means to you and your company?
  • How are you prioritizing your Global Goals activities?
  • What actions are you taking? How do you incorporate the Ten Principles in your Global Goals strategy
  • What Happens when you view the Global Goals through a human rights lens? How do you assess your company's human rights impacts?
  • What challenges are you facing? What is working, and what is having the most impact?

Upcoming Sessions

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