The Global Compact and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

As of June 2003, UNIDO is the fifth UN core agency of the Global Compact. The invitation to UNIDO to join the Global Compact as a core agency arose from the need to pay more attention to the specific needs and support requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - an area in which UNIDO's expertise is globally acknowledged. UNIDO now has special responsibility for small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the initiative.

UNIDO programmes and networks of particular interest to Global Compact SMEs are:

In addition, the UNIDO/UNEP Network of National Cleaner Production Centers (NCPCs) promotes environmentally responsible entrepreneurship and the transfer of clean technology.

A perspective on UNIDO's role in the Global Compact can be drawn from the UNIDO
study Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for Small and Medium
Enterprises in Developing Countries
which reviews the relevance and implications for SMEs in developing countries of the increasing adoption of corporate responsibility approaches by transnational corporations.


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