The Global Compact Cities Programme is dedicated to the promotion and adoption of the Global Compact’s ten principles by cities, and provides a framework for translating the principles into day-to-day urban governance and management. In the spirit of the Global Compact, the Cities Programme focuses on collaboration between all levels of government, business and civil society in order to enhance sustainability, resilience, diversity and adaptation within cities and in the face of complex urban challenges.

Name Country Join Date
Abeokuta South Local Government Council Nigeria 2013-05-08
Administracion Municipal de Santa Catarina Nuev... Mexico 2014-10-07
Alcaldia de Pasto Colombia 2012-11-15
Alcaldia Mayor de Bogota Colombia 2012-07-30
Alcaldia Municipal de Piedecuesta Colombia 2006-12-19
Barcelona City Council Spain 2011-02-23
Bath & North East Somerset Council United Kingdom 2003-11-24
Beyoglu Municipality Turkey 2008-01-09
Central Goldfields Shire Council Australia 2015-03-30
Changsha City China 2009-03-31
City and County of San Francisco United States of America 2006-01-13
City of Amsterdam Netherlands 2015-03-16
City of Berlin Germany 2005-12-21
City of Bonn Germany 2008-09-29
City of Cape Town South Africa 2014-06-13
City of Dubai United Arab Emirates 2013-12-13
City of Dubrovnik Croatia 2014-09-08
City of Jamshedpur India 2005-04-04
City of Jinan China 2005-06-24
City of Kalmar Sweden 2007-06-25
City of Milwaukee United States of America 2009-08-03
City of Pancevo Serbia 2012-04-18
City of Plock - Urzad Miasta Plocka Poland 2005-12-01
City of Porto Alegre Brazil 2004-02-19
City of Pula-Pola Croatia 2014-08-08
City of Salt Jordan 2007-01-16
City of Tshwane South Africa 2006-02-21
City of Veracruz Mexico 2006-06-02
Cleveland, City of United States of America 2008-05-05
Comuna de Pueblo Esther Argentina 2010-10-25
Comune Di Acerra Italy 2007-08-20
Comune di Taranto Italy 2006-08-17
Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo Mexico 2013-01-25
Delegacion Milpa Alta Mexico 2012-11-02
Excelentisima Diputacion Provincial de Badajoz Spain 2014-07-30
Gemeente Leeuwarden Netherlands 2010-10-28
Gobernacion de Boyaca Colombia 2008-10-24
Gobernacion de Cundinamarca Colombia 2013-08-16
Gobernacion de Itapua Paraguay 2015-01-27
GobernaciĆ³n del Tolima Colombia 2013-03-07
Gobierno Autonomo Descentralizado Provincial de... Ecuador 2008-12-11
Gobierno del Estado de Queretaro Mexico 2013-03-19
Gobierno del Estado de Sonora Mexico 2006-02-20
Gobierno del Estado de Yucatan Mexico 2006-02-20
Governo do Estado da Paraiba Brazil 2013-01-21
Governo do Estado do Parana Brazil 2012-07-10
Governo do Municipio de Ortigueira, Estado do P... Brazil 2006-12-14
Greater Amman, Municipality of Jordan 2008-07-10
Gumi City Korea, Republic of 2008-04-08
Gwangjin-gu Korea, Republic of 2009-11-16
Gwangju Metropolitan City Korea, Republic of 2011-08-05
Haifa Municipality Israel 2010-10-25
Honorable Ayuntamiento del Municipio de Durango Mexico 2014-05-30
Initiative for Bath and North East Somerset United Kingdom 2003-10-29
Kawasaki City Government Japan 2006-02-08
Maribyrnong City Council Australia 2014-09-11
Medellin Colombia 2013-10-28
Mezitli Municipality Turkey 2015-04-08
Municipalidad de Encarnacion Paraguay 2014-10-17
Municipalidad de Los Angeles Chile 2006-02-10
Municipalidad de Penalolen Chile 2013-08-28
Municipalidad Distrital de Santiago de Surco Peru 2005-03-18
Municipality of Bayamon United States of America 2015-04-09
Municipality of Besiktas Turkey 2007-01-10
Municipality of Bornova City Turkey 2011-03-15
Municipality of Budapest Hungary 2006-09-29
Municipality of Wroclaw Poland 2008-11-18
Municipio Autonomo de Comerio United States of America 2015-04-06
Municipio de Ahualulco de Mercado, Jalisco Mexico 2013-06-28
Municipio de Corupa Brazil 2014-06-18
Municipio de Maringa Brazil 2011-12-08
Municipio de Queretaro Mexico 2013-10-04
Municipio de San Isidro Argentina 2013-09-25
Municipio del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito Ecuador 2014-08-05
Nilufer Municipality Turkey 2007-01-10
Nuremberg, City of Germany 2003-05-21
Paola Local Council Malta 2012-10-02
Prefeitura Municial de Imbituva Brazil 2013-07-05
Prefeitura Municipal de Antonina Brazil 2013-04-18
Prefeitura Municipal de Foz do Iguacu Brazil 2013-09-25
Prefeitura Municipal de Picui Brazil 2013-05-08
Prefeitura Municipal de Rio Negrinho Brazil 2014-05-16
Prefeitura Municipal de Sao Bento do Sul Brazil 2014-05-16
Prefeitura Municipal de Telemaco Borba Brazil 2013-02-28
Regione Toscana Italy 2007-01-05
Regjun Xlokk - South-East Regional Committee Malta 2014-08-07
Rotorua Lakes Council New Zealand 2015-05-07
Santa Lucija Local Council Malta 2012-10-31
Sao Paulo State Government Brazil 2014-07-31
Seoul Metropolitan Government Korea, Republic of 2014-09-02
The City of Oslo Norway 2014-09-17
The Municipality of Vrbas Serbia 2008-09-10
Ulaanbaatar City Mongolia 2006-01-13
Valletta Local Council Malta 2012-10-02
Ville De Bois-Des-Filion Canada 2005-03-24
Ville de Valbonne-Sophia-Antipolis France 2011-04-04
Ville du Havre France 2006-02-23
Xiangtan City China 2009-03-30
Yeongdeungpo-gu Korea, Republic of 2012-04-16
Yiyang City China 2009-03-26
Zhuzhou City China 2009-03-31