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Message from the Secretary-General to the General Assembly of Danish Industry

Copenhagen, 20 September, 2001

I am pleased to welcome Danish Industry as an associate member of the Global Compact. The Global Compact is rapidly taking root around the world, with business leaders and leaders of labour and civil society working together to make the principles of the Compact an integral part of economic activities everywhere.

Business leaders are stepping forward, taking a stand on human rights, labour and the environment, initiating change within their operations and engaging in a wide range of projects to further universal values.

Your active engagement in the Global Compact can significantly enhance our efforts to ensure that the benefits of globalization are shared more equally. The tragic events of last week in the United States have shown how important it is that we agree on common values across lines of religion and culture. The Compact offers business a unique platform to contribute to this global mission for peace and prosperity.

I wish you a successful meeting and I look forward to working with the Danish Industry