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Round Table Statement

Moscow 19 November 2001

We, representatives of the Russian and international business community and the United Nations gathered in Moscow on 19 November 2001 at a Round Table organised jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers).
We express support to the UN Secretary-General Global Compact Initiative on Common Values and Principles and stress the importance of establishing effective partnerships between the United Nations and the private sector aimed at providing a lasting and meaningful contribution to global development on the basis of the United Nations development goals and the Millennium Declaration. We note with satisfaction that the United Nations system has taken onboard a system-wide commitment to promote more active cooperation of the world business community with the UN.

We reaffirm that the Global Compact is a voluntary imitative aimed at encouraging the private sector towards accepting and implementing the principle of good corporate citizenship, adopting socially responsible and development oriented business models. In implementing the Global Compact the business community should be cognizant of local cultures and yet to be in conformity with the universal goals of the United Nations.

We agree that the Global Compact may serve as a value framework for improving corporate performance by making universal values in the areas of human rights, labour standards and environment an integral part of business operations. An essential component of these efforts is a commitment to make the nine principles of the Global Compact known throughout company's operations.

We recognise the importance of the involvement of all social partners, including labour, and civil society at large in the exchange and sharing of experience obtained through the implementation of the Global Compact in order to build social cohesion and the environment of understanding and trust.

Globalisation has turned business community into one of the major players on the global arena. We note that the Initiative becomes ever more important in light of the global fight against terrorism. The latter is a crying challenge to the humanity in general and to the world economy in particular. Responsible private sector working together with Governments and the United Nations may play an important role in the fight against international terrorism transnational organise crime and drug-dealing.

We encourage socially responsible private companies in Russia and elsewhere around the world to join the Global Compact Initiative in order to contribute towards economic growth and sustainable development.

We would welcome the establishment in the Russian Federation of a Global Compact Network and Web-site Learning Forum to disseminate information on the Initiative in the Russian society and interact with the Global Compact Office in the United Nations.

We would also welcome more active participation of the Russian private sector in the UN social and economic development activities.

We express hope that this Moscow meeting would contribute towards further realisation of the Global Compact Initiative and promoting public-private partnerships in support of human rights, labour issues and the environment and achieving the goals set out in the UN Millennium Declaration.