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Global Compact “Progress and Value” Workshop Held in China

(New York, 21 April 2008) – More than 50 representatives of Chinese companies participated in the first Global Compact Progress & Value Workshop in China, held in Beijing on 16-17 April. The workshop, jointly organized by the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC), the Barcelona Center for Support of the Global Compact, and the Global Compact Office, was designed to deepen the understanding among Chinese participants of both the ten principles and the annual communication on progress.

Workshop participants represented over 35 organizations, including China Ocean Shipping Group (COSCO), Bayer AG, State Grid, PetroChina, BHP Billiton and DNV (Det Norske Veritas). In addition to the CEC, the China Society for the Promotion of the Guangcai Program, Plan China and other non-business representatives participated as well. The workshop featured presentations by Bayer, COSCO, State Grid, the Global Reporting Initiative, and the Global Leadership Network. A Chinese version of the new, revised “Practical Guide to Communication on Progress” was also launched at the event.

The Global Compact was formally introduced in China during a high level meeting in Beijing in December 2001, hosted by the CEC with the cooperation of the United Nations system in China, the UNDP and the Global Compact Office. Under the leadership of its president Mr. Zhang Yanning, the CEC has established the Global Compact Promotion Bureau. Today, the Global Compact has 158 participants from China, including 142 businesses.

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Meng Liu
UN Global Compact Office

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