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New Implementation Tool: The GLN OpenAccess Tool for Global Compact Signatories

(New York, 22 February 2008) – Today, the United Nations Global Compact launched the GLN OpenAccess tool, an interactive self-assessment tool to support Global Compact participants with the implementation of the ten principles as well as with the Communication on Progress. The GLN OpenAccess tool can assist companies to improve their understanding of how the management of social, environmental and governance issues impact the business and its stakeholders.

The tool is a product of the GLN OpenAccess project, a partnership between the Global Leadership Network (GLN), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the UN Global Compact. First presented at the Global Compact Leaders Summit in July 2007, the tool uses GLN’s framework to support Global Compact signatories, IFC clients and other private sector participants with the strategic alignment of corporate citizenship and core business strategy.

By looking at the company’s own functions and the industry context, the tool creates an explicit link between the ten principles and the company’s core business that enables signatories to:

  • identify critical priorities, opportunities and risks;
  • engage key colleagues and external stakeholders;
  • assess performance in integrating the ten principles into business strategy;
  • galvanize action and set goals and targets to support implementation and Communications on Progress.

Based on GLN’s own corporate citizenship planning and assessment tool and co-designed with IBM, the tool gives Global Compact signatories the opportunity to explore the business, market and societal aspects associated with each Principle and decide which of the ten principles are the most strategic to the company. Designed as a learning and benchmarking system, the tool draws on an extensive database of good practice case studies, real-time benchmarking and automated reporting to provide Compact signatories with the necessary information on key strategic alignment efforts.

The results will enable UN Global Compact signatories build strategies that make possible the UN Global Compact principles to serve as productive drivers of business performance and value for society.

“The great merit of the GC GLN OpenAccess Tool is that it makes possible a very pragmatic exercise that encompasses both the existing strategy of the company and the value proposition of the Global Compact”, said Manuel Escudero, Head, Special Projects of the UN Global Compact. “This should be a very useful resource for assessment of priorities and for planning implementation, leading to the Communication on Progress”.

“For corporate citizenship to deliver on its potential it must become fundamental to strategy and operations,” said Steve Rochlin, Head of AccountAbility North America. “The partnership among GLN, the UN Global Compact, and IFC now enables companies around the world to reach this potential.”< /p>

Global Compact signatories can access the tool through an exclusive platform at www.gln-openaccess.org/dev . The tool is currently available in English and Portuguese, with a Spanish and a Chinese version scheduled for March and April, respectively. GLN and the Global Compact will schedule a series of sessions with GLN and Global Compact signatories in various regions.

For more information, contact:

United Nations Global Compact
Manuel Escudero
Head Global Compact Special Projects and Academic Initiatives

Global Leadership Network
Aris Vrettos
Senior Advisor
Global Leadership Network and AccountAbility
Tel: +44 (0) 207 549 0400

About the GLN:
The Global Leadership Network is an international, membership-based initiative established by AccountAbility, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC), IBM and nine other industry leaders dedicated to promoting performance excellence in corporate citizenship. Find out more at www.globalleadershipnetwork.org