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Global Compact Japan Transitioning to CEO-led Network

(New York, 27 February 2008) – On 21 February, 34 participants of Global Compact Japan Network (GCJN) gathered for a General Meeting to discuss strategies to re-energize and strengthen the network. An important outcome of the meeting was the unanimous endorsement by the General Meeting participants of a plan to transition to a CEO-led network. The new organizational structure will come into effect on 1 April 2008.

The General Meeting of network participants took place at the United Nations University in Tokyo. At the meeting, the acting Chairwoman outlined the discussions of the GCJN strengthening plan to date, and presented the new standing rules for the local network proposed by the Steering Committee at a meeting on 30 January, aimed at enhancing the structure and activities of the Network in Japan. 

The new strategy was developed to counter stagnating involvement on GC activities by signatory executives, and to energize network participation at the corporate executive level. The new organizational structure is intended to strengthen the network and provide opportunities and forums for discussions, primarily for corporate executives and senior executives, to deepen and develop their understanding of corporate citizenship issues.

The CEO-led organizational model will be an inspiration for other Local Networks who are exploring the possibility to transition to business-led structure. Said Georg Kell, Executive Director of the Global Compact: "This is a bold new step in the right direction that will serve as an inspiration for other Networks around the world. The Global Compact Office welcomes and supports the actions of the Global Compact Japan Network".

UNIC Tokyo has hitherto developed the ground work for the promotion of Global Compact activities in Japan. Without joining the newly launched Global Compact Japan Network, UNIC Tokyo will continue to cooperate and provide support from the outside.

The Global Compact currently has 61 participants from Japan, of which 59 are companies.

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Mr. Hiroyuki Tada
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