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Update: Over 900 Global Compact Participants Marked “Inactive” or Delisted

(New York, 28 January 2008) – Following up on its commitment to promote accountability, transparency and public disclosure, the Global Compact Office announced today that 394 of its corporate participants have been permanently removed from the Global Compact’s online database.

The action was taken in early January and applies to all companies in the Global Compact that have been listed as “inactive” on the Global Compact website for at least one year. Companies are listed as “inactive” if they miss two consecutive deadlines for submitting a Communication on Progress (COP), a public statement on progress made in implementing the Global Compact’s ten principles required annually of all business participants. The move to delist companies that do not demonstrate any intention of improving their standing followed a recommendation made by the initiative’s multi-stakeholder Board in November 2007.

In addition to the 394 companies that have been delisted, the Global Compact website currently lists 510 companies as “inactive”. Inactive participants are no longer allowed to participate in events hosted by the Global Compact and may not use the Global Compact logos for any purpose unless a Communication on Progress is issued.

In contrast, the initiative currently includes 3,380 business participants in “active” standing, while 401 companies are listed as “non-communicating”, a cautionary label applied to all companies that miss one deadline for submitting a COP.

According to the Global Compact’s Integrity Measures introduced in the fall of 2005, new signatories to the Global Compact have two years from the date of joining to prepare and submit their first communication. After the first submission, a COP is expected annually.


Matthias Stausberg
UN Global Compact Office

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