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Update on UNGC-GRI Value Platform

(New York, 22 January 2007) – The UN Global Compact (UNGC) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) have issued an update on their rapidly expanding alliance known as the “UNGC-GRI Value Platform” which was first announced in October 2006.

As of January 2008, approximately 30 leading international organizations – including specialized institutes, associations, universities and companies – have declared their support for the continued deepening and promotion of the UNGC-GRI Value Platform, which advances the complementary aspects of the two initiatives: the UNGC as the world’s premier corporate citizenship initiative; and the GRI as the de-facto global standard on sustainability reporting.

So far, hundreds of companies around the world have recognized the value of combining and leveraging the synergies of the UNGC and the GRI. The GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G3) can be used to produce the UNGC’s annually required Communication on Progress.

The past year witnessed a number of achievements and advancements related to the UNGC-GRI Value Platform:

  • After incorporating invaluable input and comments from companies and other stakeholders, the special publication “Making the Connection - - Using GRI's G3 Guidelines for the COP” was finalized. “Making the Connection” offers companies guidance and recommendations on how to effectively report on their implementation efforts with respect to the UNGC principles.

  • The UNGC became a partner of the GRI’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” and is promoting this award via its international network.

  • The UNGC publication “A Practical Guide to Communicating Progress” was revised with references to the GRI G3 reporting framework.

  • The UNGC initiated and convened a number of “Progress and Value” workshops for companies and stakeholders – most recently in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City. These workshops focus on the implementation of the UNGC principles as well as on the value of assessing and sharing information on sustainability progress. GRI plays an important role on these workshops when possible.

  • The GRI expanded the integration of the UNGC into its training program.

In 2008, the GRI and the UNGC will further strengthen the Value Platform by building on these efforts, while expanding into new areas such as special project aimed at improved reporting on human rights issues.

For further information on the UNGC-GRI Value Platform, please contact Oliver Johner (johner@un.org) in the Global Compact Office or Sean Gilbert (gilbert@globalreporting.org) at GRI.

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