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New Guidelines for Selecting Notable COPs

(New York, 14 September 2007) – The Global Compact Office has released a set of new guidelines for identifying and selecting notable Communications on Progress (COPs). The Notable Program was initially introduced in 2004 to highlight and recognize outstanding COPs. Communications featured in the program have been identified because they represent illustrative and inspirational examples of communicating progress, based on their adherence to the formal requirements of the Global Compact’s COP policy.

The Notable Program was developed by the Global Compact Office to provide further guidance to Global Compact participants in meeting the basic requirements of the COP policy. The aim of the program is to advance organizational learning by sharing good reporting practices. The new criteria have been developed as the result of a consultative process with local networks and participants and following recommendations on CSR reporting from specialized entities such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The Global Compact Office expresses no opinion on the accuracy of the statements contained in the COPs, or on the quality of the reports’ content. Consistent with the concept of the COP, such matters are for the participants’ own stakeholders to assess.

Detailed information on the Notable COP program including the criteria used to identify Notable COPs can be found on the COP pages of this website.


Oliver Johner
Communication on Progress Analyst