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Global Compact Launches COP Review Project

Initiative seeks organizations and individuals to participate

(New York, 23 April 2007) – The United Nations Global Compact has launched a new initiative called the “COP Review Project” seeking to create one of the largest fully catalogued repositories of reports in the corporate citizenship field.
The Global Compact requires participating companies to produce, annually, a Communication on Progress (COP) in order to promote transparency and accountability, share corporate practices, and protect the integrity of the initiative. With now more than 2,000 COPs from around 100 countries, the Global Compact has created one of the largest repositories of corporate citizenship reports, and further strong growth is expected.

Because the current database has not been fully catalogued yet, the Global Compact has joined forces with several partners to develop a platform that facilitates the systematic review and indexing of each COP. The objective is to create a fully searchable database that will facilitate both academic and professional research of company practices. The project also aims to stimulate further dialogue and learning – both fundamental components of the Global Compact’s voluntary approach.

“We are seeking the support of individuals and organizations in academia, civil society and business from around the globe to help strengthen this important integrity measure”, said Georg Kell, Executive Director of the Global Compact.

Individuals participating in the COP Review Project will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights on corporate citizenship in business practice. All participants will also receive a Certificate of Participation after completion of ten reviews. Each review takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

An online platform containing further instructions can be found at:

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