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UK Network Launches New Website

(London, 07 December 2006) – A new website for the Global Compact network in the UK was officially launched on 6 December 2006 at a reception hosted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on behalf of the UK Local Network. The new website, developed jointly by the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) and the UK Local Network, is designed to improve communication between the Global Compact participating companies in the UK and will serve to promote the Global Compact in the United Kingdom. Around 50 executives from UK companies attended the event.

The reception was officially opened by the Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Dr. Kim Howells, speaking about the relevance of the principles, particularly on corruption, for UK companies and about the support of the UK government for the Global Compact. Soren Petersen of UNDP, representing the Global Compact Office, thanked the UK Local Network for the successful event and for the production of the website. The Chairman of the UK Local Network Anthony Sampson of Aviva thanked the members of the Network for their active participation, and welcomed new companies on board.

Marcia Balisciano, of Reed Elsevier and Head of the UK Network Communications Group, presented the key features of the website. The site provides information on the Global Compact and on the 38 companies participating in the UK Network. In addition, the site contains case studies of how some of the companies apply the Global Compact principles. The website also includes a membership page that provides information about UK Network activities for the Local Network participants. 

A number of companies not signatories to the Global Compact were invited to the reception, intended also to introduce UK companies to the Global Compact and the Local Network.

Visit the UK website:

For more information about the UK network contact:

Anthony Sampson
Chairman of the UK Network

Caroline Ersmarker
Secretariat of the UK Network, IBLF

Contact UN Global Compact:

Cecilie Hultmann
Local Network Liaison Officer