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Global Compact Launched in Moldova

(New York / Chisinau, November 28, 2006) - Representatives from government, the private sector, civil society and the donor community met today inChisinau, Moldova, to launch a local network of the Global Compact and the Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) initiative. The network’s creation has been spearheaded by a group of leading companies in Moldova to promote corporate responsibility in the country. These include the State Winery “Mileştii Mici”, Sun Communications, COVOARE Ungheni, ROMPETROL, ACOREX WINE, BIOPROTECT, ARHICONI GRUP, MOLDCELL, VOXTEL, Moldova Agroindbank S.A., Union Fenosa, Endava and Efes Vitanta Moldova.


Among the issues discussed at the event were the benefits of participating in the Global Compact for companies in Moldova; particularly regarding the message that participation sends to consumers and the media about the company's interest in the welfare of its workers, society at large, and the environment. Also discussed were the potential of participation to enhance companies’ public recognition and strengthening their ties with government and non-governmental organizations. The event also familiarized participants with the Growing Sustainable Business mechanism, which facilitates business-led enterprise solutions to poverty and provides a framework through which the risks associated with specific private sector investments in developing countries can be mitigated. The discussions focused on how business can help Moldova improve its domestic investment environment, grow the domestic business sector and meet the development targets spelled out in the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EGPRS). 

Valeriu Streleţ, Chairman of the Global Compact network in Moldova said: “The Global Compact network in Moldova will play an important role in ensuring a continuous dialogue on the participation of the Moldovan companies in meeting the development priorities of the country and creating a better life for all citizens of Moldova”. Echoing this, Yusuf Baykan, General Manager, MOLDCELL said: "For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is important because we owe the success of our business to this country, to the people of Moldova".

The launch of the Global Compact in Moldova was facilitated by Expert-Grup in the framework of the project "Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility and Launching the Global Compact in Moldova ". More information about the Expert-Grup and project at www.expert-grup.org

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