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First Civil Society Coordinator Joins the Global Compact

(New York, 11 September 2006) – The Global Compact is gearing up its efforts to collaborate with civil society and has appointed the first Civil Society Coordinator for the initiative. Former Executive Director of Amnesty International in South Africa, Ms. Olajobi Makinwa, begins her engagement with the Global Compact this week.

Ms. Makinwa, originally from Nigeria, joins the Global Compact after having worked a number of years for Amnesty International in South Africa, initially as its Human Rights Education Coordinator and later as its Executive Director. She has extensive experience from several UN organizations, with particular expertise in the field of environment, development and human rights.  

Civil society organizations have already made valuable contributions to the initiative. Currently there are 42 global and over 200 local organizations actively participating in the initiative. In addition, of the newly established Global Compact Board, four members represent civil society.

“As a multi-stakeholder initiative, it is of great importance that the Global Compact foster close cooperation with civil society organizations in a spirit of constructive collaboration”, says Ms. Makinwa. “I believe that deepening this crucial relationship will bring into the Compact fresh perspectives that will ultimately lead to the development of innovative approaches to responsible corporate citizenship.”

With the appointment of Ms. Makinwa, the Global Compact invites civil society organizations worldwide to engage more actively in the initiative, to participate in multi-stakeholder dialogues, to provide expertise on issues areas, and to assist in knowledge development that will contribute to enhance the quality and integrity of the Global Compact initiative. 


For more information about this please contact Ms. Olajobi Makinwa at makinwa@un.org.