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Expert Meeting Plans Development of New Anti-Corruption Tools 

(New York, 10 - 11 July 2006) – Business representatives and corruption experts from around the world met this week in Barcelona to discuss how companies, business associations and non-governmental organizations can combat corruption collectively. An important outcome of the meeting "Collective business action and national initiatives on anti-corruption" was the decision to develop a new series of tools to assist companies assessing the impact of corruption and to train facilitators of collective action through presenting concrete case stories.

The meeting was convened by the Global Compact Office and the Barcelona Center for the Global Compact, and co-hosted by the World Bank Institute, Transparency International and the International Business Leaders Forum. The aim was to improve the understanding of success factors and the challenges of initiating collective solutions, hopefully leading to more high impact anti-corruption initiatives in the future.

Several cases functioned as the basis for the discussions of collective action: What made businesses in Manila rally around the Makati Business Club to create awareness about corruption and to create specific tool? How have groups of companies in Colombia under Transparency International’s leadership developed sectoral anti-corruption agreements? What was the process so that companies in Malawi engaged in a national campaign against corruption?

A common challenge that was identified as facing all these initiatives was creating trust between different actors. In addition, it was recognized as critical to establish the business case for companies to work together on such sensitive issues, to share their concerns and how they implement and monitor specific anti-corruption programs. A growing number of businesses have also started to use local Global Compact Networks as a facilitating and convening platforms, and the meeting provided the basis for further initiation of anti-corruption efforts in Global Compact networks around the world.

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