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Important Step Forward for the Brazilian Network

(New York, 20 June 2006) – Participants of the Brazilian Global Compact Network gathered in Sao Paulo on 19 June for a general meeting. Present at the meeting were 56 signatories of the GC, representatives of some of Brazil's largest corporations, as well as SMEs, Brazilian business associations and civic and academic organizations.

The meeting offered an opportunity to discuss key challenges and opportunities facing the initiative in Brazil, and reflect upon and learn from the experience accumulated over the six years the Global Compact has existed.

Key outcomes of the meeting include:

  • To further collective action, the National Network and the National Committee of the GC Network Brazil will be reconstituted over the next months.
  • The National Committee will be downsized to 20-25 members, while maintaining its current balance between business associations of different Brazilian states, companies and other stakeholders.
  • National Committee mandates will last two years, with meetings to be held on a monthly basis.
  • While the title of Honorary Chair will rest with the UN (most preferably the new UN Resident Coordinator), the new Chairman will be Ricardo Young of Instituto Ethos. In addition, the two Executive Vice Chairs are Izalco Sardenberg of Bovespa and Jose Luis Neri of Petrobras. A secretariat will be established jointly by the UN and the Instituto Ethos, and a coordinator will be hired.
  • The census of participating companies will be updated. Participating companies and institutions will have a GC General Meeting on 19 June, before the opening of the Ethos International Conference. During the meeting, the new composition of the National Committee will be presented, as well as the activities plan of the GC in Brazil.
  • The Committee will set up an activities plan centered on a project: one possibility is to undertake a campaign for “decent labor” in Brazil. At any rate, the GC Brazil will enter, with a range of activities, the Pact on Anti-Corruption, and will give a significant international flavor to the national campaign. Also, at the beginning of 2007,  the GC Network Brazil could propose and lead dialogues between the companies engaged in the Anticorruption Pact and the public authorities (this after the General Elections).

With this General Meeting, the Brazilian GC Network has implemented most of the agreed agenda, taking an important step forward.

New companies are volunteering to become members of the National Committee and the suggested bylaws (including renewal of the positions in the National Committee every two years) were approved. Also, an activities plan was approved focusing on two aspects: the National Pact against Corruption and the general theme, to be carved out into specific actions on Decent Work.

Additionally, two projects were presented to the General Assembly: a campaign to change management education led by the Global Responsible Leadership initiative (Dom Cabral) and by the Getulio Vargas Business School, as well as a plan to train 300 future professionals on CSR matters in a partnership between AIESEC Brazil and the companies participating in the Global Compact.

Download the meeting report here .

For more information please contact Manuel Escudero at escuderom@un.org or +1-917-367-3483.