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Impact and Progress of the Global Compact's 105 Largest Companies 

(New York, 26 April 2006) - 105 of the world's 500 largest companies by market capitalization are Global Compact participants (source Financial Times Global 500 ranking). The economic and social impact of this group of companies is immense, with direct employment of close to 10 million employees, market capitalization of approximately USD 4.8 trillion, and revenues of approximately USD 3.5 trillion recorded in 2005. See further information on the Economic Impact of the Global 105.
To help assess the social and environmental impact of these companies, the Global Compact office has compiled a list of these Global 105 companies, with their country of incorporation, FT Global 500 ranking for 2005, and their Communication on Progress (where currently available). To access the list, see Global 105 - listed by industry.

Please contact Mr. Jerome Lavigne-Delville (lavigne-delville@un.org) for more information.