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Indonesian Businesses Join Global Compact

Indonesian business leaders gather for a mangrove planting ceremony(New York, 8 April 2006/gco) – PT. Express Transindo Utama and PT. Metropolitan Retailmart are among over a dozen Indonesian businesses and organizations which will sign on to the UN Global Compact at a special ceremony held 8 April 2006 in the Jakarta Convention Centre as part of the Asia-Pacific Business Forum 2006.

Senior executives from numerous Indonesian companies and organizations committed their enterprises to support the Global Compact’s ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Among the new signatories are: • PT. Express Transindo Utama, PT. Metropolitan Retailmart, PT Smart, Tbk., MarkPlus & Co., IndonesiaMarketing Association, Universitas Bina Nusantara, PT. Datascrip, PT Birotika Semesta/DHL, PT. Dirgahayu Grup, SWA Magazine, Dunamis Organization Services, Bisnis IndonesiaDaily, Wiloto Corp., PT. Cedefindo. These new signatories, together with the incumbent Indonesian participants of the Global Compact, will form the new Indonesian Global Compact Network. The network is expected to serve as a forum for participants share experiences and practices in implementing the ten principles.

After a working lunch, participants convened in Cengkareng North Jakarta to plant mangroves. This mangrove planting was both an inaugural activity and demonstration of the participants’ commitment toward the environment. The mangrove plants are expected to impede water flow and thereby enhance the deposition of sediment in the Cengkareng area where flooding during the rainy season often disrupts transportation to and from the International Airport.

For further information please contact: Mr. Angger Wibowo, UNDP Indonesia Tel: +62-21-314-1308 Ext. 911 (angger.wibowo@undp.org), or Mr. Marinus W. Sikkel, Chief Investment and Enterprise Development Section UNESCAP Transport and Tourism Division Tel: +66-2-288-1671 (sikkel@un.org).