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Workshop Discusses Best Practice in Communicating Progress

(Geneva/Switzerland - 10 March) The UN Global Compact hosted its annual Communication on Progress Workshop at the UN Office in Geneva on 9-10 March. The meeting brought together some 40 Global Compact participating companies and a group of experts to discuss Communication on Progress as the annual description of actions taken in support of the Global Compact. A number of companies, including BHP Billiton, BT, Grupo Pao de A├žucar and Novozymes, outlined how they communicate on progress in implementing the ten Global Compact principles. Trends discussed at the meeting included the increasing extent to which general reporting and communicating on progress are handled online, the Global Compact principles as a way of navigating a company's communication, and the growing interest financial markets are taking in non-financial reporting.

"Communicating on progress is critical for our participants as well as for the Global Compact itself," said Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact. "For our participating companies it is critical as trust and the license to operate ultimately hinge on effective communication on how the company acts responsibly. And for the Compact itself it is essential to the integrity of our global brand. Our leading participants have a duty to share experiences and discuss challenges. The Global Compact Office has a duty to facilitate that sharing and disseminate experiences gained. That is what the meeting in Geneva was about."

In collaboration with the companies represented at the meeting, the Global Compact Office will produce a report with examples of good communications that address some of the challenges both small and large companies may encounter in communicating on their progress.

Please contact Mr. Jonas Moberg (mobergj@un.org) for more information.