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Symantec Joins UN Global Compact at Silicon Valley Launch

On the occasion of the 3 March launch of the Global Compact in Silicon Valley, California, Symantec Corporation announced its decision to join the initiative and called on other technology companies to commit to the Global Compact's ten principles and advance corporate citizenship worldwide.

"Globalization and the need for transparency have brought issues of corporate social responsibility to the forefront of business strategy", said John Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Symantec. "By signing the Compact, we recognize and endorse the business value of operating in an ethical, environmental, and socially responsible manner".

Symantec, headquartered in Sunnyvale, is one of the world's leading software companies with operations in more than 40 countries.

"We applaud Symantec's leadership and its commitment to advance responsible business practices", said Gavin Power, senior advisor of the Global Compact, who accepted the official letter of commitment from Mr. Thompson. "Increasingly, technology companies -- in both the software and hardware sectors -- are embracing the tenets of corporate citizenship.  Issues such as supply chain management, privacy, the digital divide and community development have risen to the top of the agenda".

Presented by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Symantec, and entitled "Corporate Social Responsibility Forum: Silicon Valley in a Global Context",  the 3 March event drew approximately 200 senior representatives from a range of technology companies and institutions. At the event, Mr. Power introduced the UN Global Compact, noting its complementary nature to industry initiatives such as the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct as well as to specific company codes. He noted that the corporate governance and corporate social responsibility agendas are merging with respect to the management of long-term risks and opportunities.

A host of companies presented their corporate citizenship programs and activities -- among them Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems, both signatories of the Global Compact, and Sun Microsystems.

For more information, please contact Mr. Gavin Power (powerg@un.org, +1-212-963-4681).